Child & Adolescent Mental Health Unit, Dundee

The Child & Adolescent Mental Health Unit at Dudhope Terrace, Dundee for NHS Tayside was procured through the East Central Hub and constructed by BAM Construction. The building design responds to the site with the landscaping proposal embracing the building with an attempt to further reduce the impact by cladding the elevations with natural materials.  The front elevation is a combination of brick and timber cladding with the brick a dark colour in order to accentuate the lush green surroundings of the landscape.  The larch timber cladding, once silvered, will provide a direct connection to the woodland context of the historic site.  The materials extend from the elevation to the adjacent landscaping of the building giving the building further connection to its surroundings and blurring the lines of contrast.  The rear of the building is anchored into the hillside in order to obscure the building mass to the properties north of the site whilst maintaining a prominent welcoming elevation to patients, visitors and staff to the south. The unit has the capacity to accommodate 12 patients at any one time with further provision of a family/visitor suite which is accessed autonomously from the unit. To assist with patient health the facility also offers an education wing and therapy suite to supplement recovery and to help the patient look beyond mere existence. It encourages them to move forward, set new goals and to achieve and develop relationships. The unit also makes use of a central courtyard which can be accessed from several points throughout the building.  The secure courtyard offers patients the freedom of choice whether to stay indoors or go outdoors to exercise or relax in the sunshine.

Additional Information

Client Name: NHS Tayside

Project Value: £6.0million

Contractor: BAM Construction Ltd

Category: Healthcare